Noncommercial Alcohol Monograph

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Producers, Sellers, and Drinkers: Studies of Noncommercial Alcohol in Nine Countries


This monograph draws together the results of the research on noncommercial alcohol conducted from 2010 to 2012 as part of the Global Actions on Harmful Drinking initiatives. The objective of the research was to measure the nature and extent of unrecorded alcohol production and consumption in nine low- and middle-income countries: Belarus, Botswana, Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, and Sri Lanka.

Each chapter is written by local investigators and provides a snapshot of the noncommercial alcohol market in the selected countries. Investigators present the local context of drinking and culture, describe the study design and key findings, and discuss implications for policy and prevention. An introduction written by ICAP staff discusses noncommercial alcohol broadly, explains the origins of the Global Actions research project, and compares key findings from the country-level studies.

While further research on the noncommercial alcohol market is needed, it is hoped that this monograph will contribute to a better understanding of the informal alcohol market and its policy and public health implications.