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Human Total: A Violence Prevention Learning Resource

Learners, educators, and parents who experience Human Total: A Violence Prevention Learning Resource examine the discriminatory attitudes and behavioral patterns that encourage many men and boys to be violent and reckless, including when drinking harmfully. Those who undergo this multi-culturally relevant process develop skills and strategies to reduce the resulting harm as well as prevent its perpetuation. Human Total is the latest, most concrete effort in 15 years of work by the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) aimed at understanding alcohol-related violence, as well as at identifying and promoting good practice for its prevention. This unprecedented learning resource combines lessons, parent outreach, and supporting background materials in life skills, international human rights, and alcohol in a way that implementing educators have called “personally very relevant” and “what . . . the world at large needs: a simple approach to the elimination of violence!”

Human Total comprises the following:

  • A Note to Facilitators, providing guidance on how to use the Learning Resource
  • 32 lessons that can be adapted according to each learning context and the participants’ needs
  • Tools for outreach to parents and guardians
  • Recommendations of topic-specific, additional resources
  • 8 annexes with supplemental information that facilitators can use to enhance their own knowledge and effectiveness or to draw from when adapting and creating workshops for more advanced learners 

A Spanish version of the Learning Resource is forthcoming.

Human Total: A Violence Prevention Learning Resource

Human Total Facilitator Workshop